Purging Moderates

Shorter Digby: The Republicans have been and are finalizing a purge of their moderates. Therefore the media narrative is that the Democrats are purging their moderates.
The STF Rule:

Remember the Seeing the Forest rule: when you see a Republican accusing others of something, it means they are probably doing that thing.

How Republicans Solve a Problem – Just Lie

The Republicans passed a law making it a felony to be an undocumented immigrant. (Obviously targeted at Mexicans, not Canadians or Europeans, talking about how “they” will do certain jobs that “we” won’t…)
Hispanics – incuding American citizens – react to the racist insult with mass demonstrations. They are obviously angry enough to vote in large numbers.
How do the Republicans solve the huge problem they created for themselves? Very simple, do what Republicans always do — just lie. Republicans are running Spanish-language ads saying that this was a Democratic bill, passed by Democrats. Also this from AP.
Problem solved.
The Seeing the Forest Rule: When Republicans accuse, it means they are doing what they are accusing of.
Update – More here.

Al Queda Comparisons

So Repubicans want to make comparisons with Al Queda? And what is the Seeing the Forest Rule? When Republicans accuse…
Daily Kos: So You Want to Play Hardball Eh?,

They are vehemently against abortion, they resist progressive woman’s rights. They view homosexuality as a crime against nature and God, some advocate the death penalty as an option for it. Separation of Church and State is despised by these folks; they insist the nation is founded on the principles of their religion, and they work hard to bring that de facto theocracy about. They deplore strong language, gay characters, and sexual content on TV and in the media. And they ignore the Geneva Convention when it suits their ideological purposes, including provisions against torture or due process.

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Who Is “Rewriting?”

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Seeing the Forest Rule: When Republicans Accuse, it usually means they’re doing whatever they’re accusing of. Think about this every time you hear about Bush says critics ‘rewriting history’ over Iraq war.

Bush, pointing figner

Deception Is Reality

Or “How I Discovered Karl Rove’s Brilliant Political Strategy At The Spy Museum.” Those of you who are familiar with The Spy Museum in Washington D.C., know that there are two basic principles for an international spy:
(1.) Deception is reality.
(2.) Deny everything.

I think that about sums it up. Last week the L.A. Times published a perfect example of this strategy that illustrates how deeply it has infiltrated the Reich Wing Noise Machine. Plamegate’s Real Liar: SCOOTER” LIBBY’S indictment was not exactly good news for the White House, but it could have been a lot worse. Feverish speculation had been building that Karl Rove would soon be “frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs,” as Valerie Plame’s bombastic hubby, Joe Wilson, had hoped. Or even that Dick Cheney would have to resign.
Before I go any further, I would like to point out that on The Daily Show last week, Jon Stewart played clips of David Brooks, Bill Kristol and four other neo-con commentators all saying verbatim, “There was no conspiracy.” That is just one example of how deeply these two lessons have been absorbed by the Reich Wing Borg Collective. I’m sure they would all deny that there is a conspiracy to deny the conspiracy. There was no memo. They just happened to all be on the same wavelength.
Like all good neo-cons, Max Boot wears deception like a second skin. Let’s take a belated look at Max’s analysis of Fitgerald’s investigation.

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Accusing Clinton Of Something Bush 1 Did

Remember the STF Rule: When Republicans Accuse … look deeper and you’ll discover they’re actually doing what they’re accusing others of.
So think back to the accusations that Clinton was somehow being paid off by the Chinese, which somehow resulted in the Chinese obtaining our military secrets. Remember that accusation? Well guess what really happened?

When Republicans Accuse!

DeLay accuses Earle of taking corporate funds�.
Always remember the Seeing the Forest Rule: When Republicans are accusing, it usuay means they are guilty of that which they are accusing others of. This is more of a catch-up attempt. But here we are with a Republican trying to deflect the charges against him by accusing the other side of what he is doing. Could it be more obvious?

Bush Caves On the Freedom Thing

One of the Right’s favorite accusations is that liberals side with the terrorists. What’s the STF rule?
U.S. concedes ground to Islamists on Iraqi law,

U.S. diplomats have conceded ground to Islamists on the role of religion in Iraq, negotiators said on Saturday…
“We understand the Americans have sided with the Shi’ites,” he said. “It’s shocking. It doesn’t fit American values. They have spent so much blood and money here, only to back the creation of an Islamist state … I can’t believe that’s what the Americans really want or what the American people want.”
[. . .] An official of one of the main Shi’ite Islamist parties in the interim government confirmed the deal on law and Islam.

Bush invades secular Iraq to set up an Islamic state. Jeeze. Could things be going better for bin Laden, the Taliban and Iran? How soon will women here be forced to wear burkas and stay at home?


Comments (edited to make me look better) I left to the Left Coaster post Jeopardy – the Iraq edition:

I think just leaving is actually the worst of all solutions for a number of reasons. The first is legal – we broke it we fix it – occupying powers are responsible for security so it would be illegal for us to just leave. When we say “they” don’t want us there, who do we mean? Iraq is not a “they” it is millions of individuals with different interests and concerns. (Most Americans mean brown people when they think of any “they” anywhere…)
The second is thinking about what happens if we do leave. Civil war will kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. So would chaos. An Islamic Republic would enslave the women. The most likely result is Iran takes over the Shiite terrirories – and the oil.

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Arnold Appoints Conservative Movement Golden Boy to Board of Forestry

UPDATE: Hmm… I appear to have hit a nerve, as Ms. Ridenour has dismissed this posting as “leftie silliness” and “way too partisan”. What’s the STF rule? If they accuse you of doing it…
Seriously folks, it is possible to scuttle this guy’s nomination. The Democrats did it to Nancy Drinkard (from my neck of the woods) when local environmentalists protested – they can do it again.
ORIGINAL STORY: Time to make a fuss, folks… the Governator is attempting to appoint a golden boy of the right to the California Board of Forestry, and he’s hoping the Democrats in the State Senate don’t notice his track record and associations or don’t think it is worth the political capital required to force him to come back with someone more reasonable. Call your State Senator today and tell them to oppose this guy, make this appointment D.O.A. today.
Here’s the news blurb:

Ronald Nehring, 35, of El Cajon, has been appointed to the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. He has served as senior consultant for Americans for Tax Reform since 1998 and is currently a member of the Governing Board for Grossmont Union High School District. Nehring is also the vice-chairman of the California Republican Party. He was previously director of development and public affairs for the National Center for Public Policy Research. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. Nehring is a Republican.

Innocous enough? Well… John Meyers of Capitol Notes point out that this guy is an aide to anti-tax/anti-government crusader Grover Norquist.
This guy is the worst possible pick for the Board of Forestry; check out this NCPPR blog entry from Amy Ridenour… “It looks like Ron Nehring and everyone else involved in preventing and fighting forest fires [aka promoting “Healthy Forests”] will have their work cut out for them. Good luck to all of them.”
To give you an idea of how this guy thinks, here’s a quote of his from an earlier posting of hers, referenced in the entry above:

“And as for global warming, the government can’t even put out a FIRE, and they think the government can affect the whole PLANET??? They should get their priorities straight. When they’ve mastered the skill of putting a bucket of water on a fire, they can come back and talk about doing something with the planet.”

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Focus Group Phrases vs Reality

We often find ourselves arguing over the things right-wingers say. That is a distraction. We should instead learn to focus on what they do. One form of this is the STF Rule, when right-wingers accuse it usually means that is what they are themselves doing. Say vs. do.
It happens over and over and over. They throw a bunch of smoke in the air and we chase it instead of keeping our eye on what is really going on. It’s like the Peanuts cartoon, where every year Charlie Brown runs up to kick the football, and just before he gets there Lucy snatches the ball away and he flies in the air and lands on his head.
In a recent NY Times piece, So Who Are the Activists? the authors applied actual data (reality, or the doing) to test the right-wing accusatory phrase “judicial activists” (the words).

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