Who Is “Rewriting?”

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Seeing the Forest Rule: When Republicans Accuse, it usually means they’re doing whatever they’re accusing of. Think about this every time you hear about Bush says critics ‘rewriting history’ over Iraq war.

Bush, pointing figner

4 thoughts on “Who Is “Rewriting?”

  1. amen – that was the first thing that occured to me – and how effectively they do this too

  2. Preemptive self-acquital. It’s so Rovian. Get an accusation out in public first. Then it’s pretty much impossible for the accused to accuse you of the same thing. Regardless of how much evidence exists. It’s really quite amazing what a strong trick this is — it seems never to get old and never to fail.

  3. These goddamned republicans are masters at the old psychological defense of projection.
    Absolute masters.

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