Accusing Clinton Of Something Bush 1 Did

Remember the STF Rule: When Republicans Accuse … look deeper and you’ll discover they’re actually doing what they’re accusing others of.
So think back to the accusations that Clinton was somehow being paid off by the Chinese, which somehow resulted in the Chinese obtaining our military secrets. Remember that accusation? Well guess what really happened?

2 thoughts on “Accusing Clinton Of Something Bush 1 Did

  1. Seems to me this is a very important story, not that it’s going to ever get the attention it deserves. It fits right in with the pattern of deception and rewriting of the truth for which this administration will become famous in 100 years or so.

  2. The W-88 story is a long list of “holy SHIT” moments. There is considerable speculation that W-88 warheads are unstable and may detonate accidentally. Another designer on the W-88 project says they may fizzle instead of detonating on command.

    Anyway, to get just a glimmer of the “Oh SHIT” behind the W-88, go here.

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