Al Queda Comparisons

So Repubicans want to make comparisons with Al Queda? And what is the Seeing the Forest Rule? When Republicans accuse…
Daily Kos: So You Want to Play Hardball Eh?,

They are vehemently against abortion, they resist progressive woman’s rights. They view homosexuality as a crime against nature and God, some advocate the death penalty as an option for it. Separation of Church and State is despised by these folks; they insist the nation is founded on the principles of their religion, and they work hard to bring that de facto theocracy about. They deplore strong language, gay characters, and sexual content on TV and in the media. And they ignore the Geneva Convention when it suits their ideological purposes, including provisions against torture or due process.

They’re anti-stem cell research, pro-creationism, and generally distrustful of science. These folks are easily whipped into a state of frenzy with ideological manipulation to the point where they will commit violence, or at least tacitly endorse that violence is acceptable, if it advances their Divine agenda. They then take great pains to justify that violence, including unprovoked attack of civilian areas, under certain conditions, with convoluted theological gymnastics. They are almost to the man pro-death penalty … Am I railing against the religious right again?
Could be, but my target here is actually Al Qaeda and related fundamentalist Wahhabism; the source of terrorism, the scourge of our planet, the Axis of Evil.

3 thoughts on “Al Queda Comparisons

  1. Thanks for showing the parallels between the Christian right and Al Qaeda, Daily Kos and Dave!

  2. I’m not going to even touch on your fallacious comparison. The one thing I will do is point out that Mathews’ is a Democrat, so your initial statement is not only wrong, but insulting. I challenge you to name one prominent Republican (and don’t go mining for comments on LGF and paint it as the feelings of that site as the idiot Ted Rall did) who compares Democrats to Terrorists.

  3. And the lesson learned, Dave: one could not fit a wafer between fundamentalists of any (religious) stripe.

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