Remember the STF Rule: When Republicans accuse… Then read Blogs for Bush: Do the Democrats Want a Civil War? and the supportive comments the post intended to evoke. (Also note that anyone disagreeing is banned from the site.)

Update – To illustrate the mindset – from some of the comments:

“The Democrats, a party that has mutated into a totally unrecognizable form of its past self want one thing . . . Power. That alone is not unusual but in their case they are willing to achieve power through deceit, deception, and even forceful revolution. Take a close look at the people leading the antiwar protests; they are constituents of the Democrats. It’s time to stop fooling ourselves; this mutant form of a once proud political party is a danger to the Republic and what it stands for.”
“we must find out as much dirt as we can on the this sorry prosectuor.”
“Donks are the ones who upgraded the judicial fight to filibusters for any nominee whose views they didn’t like – not Republicans.”
“Civil war? Interesting view, since the democrats are against the 2nd ammendment. Then logically they are not armed as we are. Are they trying to go to a rifle fight with a pen? The reality is that they are armed as well, I know several democrats that hunt. They aren’t armed as well as most Faithfull hunters though. The democrats that I know who hunt do it in those ranches for the trophy, you know where the game doesn’t have a fair chance. But if they are itching for a civil war then so be their demise. I personally think they are after a racial war myself.”
“You know the thought of civil war is scary and yet I sometimes find myself wishing for it. Theres no doubt in my mind who would win and as it doesnt seem that the LLL is capable of rational thought…it may be inevitable. The cost would be terrible but the Carthaginian’s didnt like it when the Roman’s kicked their butts either. We all are victims of our time in history…you either rise to the occasion or get buried. LLL’s generally are cowards and I guess I’m tired of all the BS…if enevitable lets get it over with. It’s wabbit season….heh heh heh heh heh.”
“Civil war? Sounds good to me.”

2 thoughts on “Dangerous

  1. I noticed that they’ve already linked to you. I don’t think they like it that what they’re up to is so easy to see through.
    We live in dangerous times. If the only way they can stay in power will be by starting a revolution, that’s what they’re likely to do. Things have not been going very well for them, to put it mildly, and if they’re going to do something really drastic, like starting a “revolution” they blame on the Democrats so they can put it down and declare martial law, I’d count on them doing so before the 2006 elections.

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