Arnold Appoints Conservative Movement Golden Boy to Board of Forestry

UPDATE: Hmm… I appear to have hit a nerve, as Ms. Ridenour has dismissed this posting as “leftie silliness” and “way too partisan”. What’s the STF rule? If they accuse you of doing it…
Seriously folks, it is possible to scuttle this guy’s nomination. The Democrats did it to Nancy Drinkard (from my neck of the woods) when local environmentalists protested – they can do it again.
ORIGINAL STORY: Time to make a fuss, folks… the Governator is attempting to appoint a golden boy of the right to the California Board of Forestry, and he’s hoping the Democrats in the State Senate don’t notice his track record and associations or don’t think it is worth the political capital required to force him to come back with someone more reasonable. Call your State Senator today and tell them to oppose this guy, make this appointment D.O.A. today.
Here’s the news blurb:

Ronald Nehring, 35, of El Cajon, has been appointed to the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. He has served as senior consultant for Americans for Tax Reform since 1998 and is currently a member of the Governing Board for Grossmont Union High School District. Nehring is also the vice-chairman of the California Republican Party. He was previously director of development and public affairs for the National Center for Public Policy Research. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. Nehring is a Republican.

Innocous enough? Well… John Meyers of Capitol Notes point out that this guy is an aide to anti-tax/anti-government crusader Grover Norquist.
This guy is the worst possible pick for the Board of Forestry; check out this NCPPR blog entry from Amy Ridenour… “It looks like Ron Nehring and everyone else involved in preventing and fighting forest fires [aka promoting “Healthy Forests”] will have their work cut out for them. Good luck to all of them.”
To give you an idea of how this guy thinks, here’s a quote of his from an earlier posting of hers, referenced in the entry above:

“And as for global warming, the government can’t even put out a FIRE, and they think the government can affect the whole PLANET??? They should get their priorities straight. When they’ve mastered the skill of putting a bucket of water on a fire, they can come back and talk about doing something with the planet.”

She says that this guy is responsible for putting “Project 21” (an initiative to promote “black conservatives” in the media) on the map (one of the primary NCPPR programs described in the Media Transparency article below).
Also, check out this article by Bill Berkowitz from Media Transparency on the “National Center for Public Policy Research”: Tom DeLay’s Right Arm
This article goes into great detail about the anti-environmental efforts of this think tank, focusing specifically on their “Earth Day Information Center” project… which offered “to provide journalists and broadcasters with scientists and policy experts who are able to discuss Earth Day-related issues.”
The guy who did the research to track down who these people were says, “This is hard-core anti-environmental ideologues presenting themselves as spokespersons for Earth Day 2005.”
Not exactly the resume one would look for in someone entrusted with stewardship of California’s forests. This guy is not just your average run of the mill mainstream Republican… he’s one of the right wing’s golden boys, raised and nutured (and enriched) in the hothouse environment of right-wing think tank utopia. One of the primary conditions for success in this environment is to believe, heart and soul, in the inherent evilness and incompetence of government (and never question it even once) – this guy is *GUARANTEED* to vote the WRONG WAY on EVERYTHING – his career, his position in the movement, everything demands this. Bad bad bad.
This is not an innocuous appointment, this is a total sell out to the “wise-use”, hard right.
I hope the Democrats in the Senate make an issue of this and force Arnold to come back with someone more reasonable – but given the relative lack of prominence of this appointment, it probably requires that we in the Blogosphere make a lot of noise before that happens.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Thomas.
    I had absolutely no idea at all that the number of old growth forests was increasing. How did they do that?
    “The population of the northern spotted owl in the Northwest, for example, has declined despite a rise in the number of old growth forests and habitat. A new study by scientists at the Forest Service finds that wildfires are among the possible reasons for the endangered owl’s waning numbers. Fires, the report concludes, have been a greater threat than logging projects.”

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