Was Bush Wiretapping the Kerry Campaign?

I have a question about the NSA wiretapping scandal: Was Bush wiretapping the Kerry campaign? Were they wiretapping campaigns for the Senate and Congress?
Is this the reason they couldn’t get warrants?
This is one of the questions this brings up. Another is, were they wiretapping anti-war leaders?

They say the Democrats are traitors. They say they are helping the terrorists, supporting the other side, working to undermine the troops, offering aid and comfort to al Queda, etc. They SAY all those things, and maybe they believe them. And if they really do believe these things they say they certainly would feel it is necessary to take action, wiretap, disrupt, and anything else they can do to stop us. So we certainly should associate the things they say with the idea that maybe it actually might be related to the things they do.
Just asking.
Update – Actually this is a serious post asking a serious question. Why do we have a Constitution at all, except to prevent the kind of abuse Bush is engaging in?
If Bush declares that he has the right to order wiretapping of Americans without a warrant, AND declares that allowing Americans to know he is doing such things violates national security, then how does any American have any way to know whether ANY laws are being followed? Is there anything that Bush feels he can NOT do?
And if Bush says he may bypass the law and Constitution to wiretap whoever he feels are enemies of the country, while at the same time sending surrogates out to attack YOU AND ME as enemies of the country, then don’t we have a NEED to ask the very questions I am asking here?

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  1. I almost did a post on this topic a week or so ago, but decided against it for some reason.
    The jist of what I planned to write was:
    Everyone remembers the Cheney campaign speech when he said, “Because if we make the wrong choice [in the election], then the danger is that we’ll get hit again, that we’ll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States.”
    Now Bush, et al say that they need to spy to protect America’s security.
    John Kerry (in their eyes) is a danger to America’s security. They need to spy to protect America’s security.. They decided not to obtain FISA warrants for some of their operations, perhaps as you’ve said because they knew they couldn’t get them.
    You may be on to something.
    And yes, my tinfoil hat is securely fastened.

  2. They went to the hospital to pressure Ashkroft to sign-off after Comey wouldn’t sign-off. Ashcroft was in the hospital at the time that Kerry effectively sewed-up the nomination.
    Could be a total coincidence, but then you after to wonder what they were asking for in March of 2004 that would cause the AG to balk?

  3. I think we have to take it for granted that, since there is no satisfactory definition of “terrorist” and since those who demonstrated during the Republican convention were treated like terrorists, anybody and everybody who doesn’t agree with this administration in every possible way is on their “terrorist” hit list. Given the total secrecy this administration insists on about everything, the only safe thing to do is to assume that everyone is suspect since there is no way to get any reliable information about anything anyway.
    We’re dealing with a bunch of paranoid nuts, and nothing can make you feel as paranoid as dealing with paranoid nuts. I’m saying this to try to help us sustain our mental health during this period. We’re not the nut cases in this situation, and we’d better not let them convince us that we are. We can’t let them terrorize us out of taking action, either. They have to go. We have to get them out of office. We’re right and they’re wrong. If we let them intimidate us, we can’t win.

  4. My reaction to this question is — of course they were.
    Why wouldn’t they be wiretapping the democrats? Everything in the Bush White House was political, Rove was involved in everything, that the White House considered Democrats to be traitors. So of course they were listening to Kerry — and to Michael Moore and the 911 commission and Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neill and the UN delegations and, of course, to journalists.
    After all, they had to protect the people, you know!

  5. No matter,how bad of a scandal, this administration, will get away scot free because it has a thick coat of zionist Teflon. Sure, we loners can rant on the web,but most obtuse Americans depend on FOX news and if asked-don’t know or care about it.
    They will wake-up when the housing market crashes and can’t claim bankrupcy!

  6. if its ok for dubya to monitor our phone calls because he says “if us citizens are calling and recieving calls from the terrorists, we want to know why, then why shouldnt we the people get to monitor his phone calls because if he’s calling or recieving phone calls from his terrorist buddies shouldn’t we deserve to know why?
    after all he is supposed to be working for us.
    and he gets paid pretty damn well for the lousy job he’s been doing at the expense of we the people, and we have many more reasons to mistrust him than he has to mistrust us.

  7. Does anyone remember when John Kerry was campaigning in CA and “someone” managed to break into his SUV and steal his laptop???

  8. When Bush himself was wired to speak at debates do you think he would find it offensive to wire tap others?
    The man is a maniac.He is going to send America down the drain by attacking Iran and Syria
    The unfortunate part of it is the rest of the world will suffer America’s idiocy. After all Americans are responsible for making him their President.
    If Americans impeaches him without any delay, it may stave off a world war

  9. Squirrels?

    Hope all is going well for you. Still struggling with the radio. I shouldn’t of slept through programming class… 8o) Anyway, soon up I think. I am visual and and even though my techie is ever so patient, I am a bit dense on the written instruction s

  10. There were some courageous republicans in the Senate, who ended Senator Joe McCarthy’s reign of terror in the 1950s; and there were also republicans of honor and distinction in the House, who recommended the articles of impeachment for President Nixon. I’ve been a democrat my whole life; but still I have to observe that they don’t make republicans like they used to.
    And yet, this present republican-controlled House could do something in the 11th hour to distinguish themselves; they could personally redeem themselves and rehabilitate their party in the eyes of the people. All that would be required of them, would be to uphold the integrity of their branch of government, that is, to uphold the law. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land; and besides which, Congress is entrusted to pass law to which all citizens, including the President, must obey.
    And here is their dilemma: if the President is asserting to any degree, that he is the law, this would pretty much make Congress irrelevent. They are not only honor bound to stop him; but his lawlessness is a usurpation of their public office, and the constitutional duty to make law, which is theirs alone. Nixon’s assertion that “If the president does it, it’s not illegal, is not that different from Bush’s dogged pursuit of illegal wiretaps which are transparently unconstitutional.
    The NSA wiretaps which were put in place, without showing probable cause to the FISA court, represent one article of impeachment. But a second article of impeachment would have a strong foundation, if Dave Johnson’s speculation proves correct. If the Bush Administration is guilty of subversion of the political process, by wiretapping the Kerry Campaign, it is an offence comparable to Nixon’s Watergate break-in at Democratic Headquarters.

  11. http://nobodycouldhavepredicted.blogspot.com/2005/12/tin-foil-thoughts-on-illegal-domestic.html

    Kerry on defensive on ‘foreign leaders’ claim
    The White House kept up the pressure Monday. “If Senator Kerry is going to say he has support from foreign leaders, then he needs to be straightforward with the American people and say who it is that he has spoken with and who it is that supports him,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters.
    BTW, where are all the “rule of law” republicans on this issue demanding that justice be served.”
    He beat you by nine days Dave.
    Comments on this post are exceptionally good today.

  12. Bush and his “die-hards” must be happy the NSA spy debacle is having such widespread coverage…and the reason is, because its really a disguised message/threat to any Bush Administration staff considering “jumping ship” and leaking out important info…

  13. Did Bush wiretap HIMSELF? Remember all the hoopla about the “Bulge” in the back of Bush’s jacket during the debates? He can’t even be trusted.

  14. “Rule of law” Republicans believe Bush committed no crime. Even the lawyers and congressmen for the Republicans believe this. Having spent Christmas vacation with two of them, I should know.

  15. Bush is attacking the spies in America (not al queda) The real ones. He had to do an end run around them and they are pretty mad. The New York Times has only has one master and they want to bring Bush down now. Thats why he is so defiant.
    Read between the lines and lets see what you come up with.

  16. I asked some of these same questions on another forum. Just how extensive WAS and IS this wiretapping? The major problem we have to keep in mind is that millions of Americans are just so horribly ill-informed that, as another poster says, they are buying what gobbledygook they get on FoxNews, if they even get it there. I think some recent report I saw noted that a sizable number of Americans WITH COLLEGE DEGREES had problems with literacy and understanding basic arguments, and a majority of college students in another study couldn’t even identify the Republicans as the party running Congress. They just didn’t know! Nor did they know who their federal reps and Senators were, and on and on. Saying all that, we should not let up with keeping this story out there. It is yet another sign of the creeping fascism that people pointed out several years ago and which was totally dismissed. Either we keep speaking out, or we just let our country be totally destroyed. Because it’s OUR government, not the unitary executive’s and his fascistic cronies’.

  17. wiretapping….is that what the dems are after now????
    When will they ever join the war on terror..??
    Face it folks…Bush has done well..Markets are up, all economic indicators are favorable, sunnis , shiites and kurds are compromising instead of shooting. And now we are asking how he got it done….no domestic attacks…thats good enough for me….Thank you Mr. Bush.

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