“But” Watch

Just for fun I Googled the phrase “I used to be a democrat but”.

This May 2005 STF post explains how Republicans use the phrase as a persuasion tool.

It’s the oldest trick in the book. A basic principle of influence is “the actions of similar others,” where people tend to do things because others do. (This is so strong in people that suicides can even work this way.)

(That post looked at the same phrase without the word “but”, but I couldn’t name this post “But Watch” if I did that again.)

Go read several of the Google links for examples. Try to go out all the way to page 15 or 20 of the links. Seriously, that’s how you really get a sense of it. And spend some time looking at the links without the word “but” to see some of the variations. After a while you see the pattern. What is interesting is to see how many letters-to-the-editor, etc. pop up. Also, note how many use exactly the same words.

Some favorites:

I used to be a Democrat, but now I bitterly despise the cruel deception and betrayal they work on all their male voters.

I used to be A Democrat, but since the Reagan era – the Democratic party has put forth nothing but hate, ignorance, class warfare and race baiting.

I used to be a democrat but again they are on the wrong side of the issue just like when they supported slavery!!!

The Winner Is:

I used to be a Democrat But after Bill and Hillary and their affinity to every nut Group out there I now find myself reading Bill Bennett, Sean Hannity, …

Runner up: (Richard?)

I used to be a democrat..but then I switched over to communism.

But, but…

4 thoughts on ““But” Watch

    “I used to be a democrat but”
    Results 1 – 10 of about 615
    “I used to be a republican but”
    Results 1 – 10 of about 279
    appears not everyone has caught on.

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