Was Bush Wiretapping the Kerry Campaign?

I have a question about the NSA wiretapping scandal: Was Bush wiretapping the Kerry campaign? Were they wiretapping campaigns for the Senate and Congress?
Is this the reason they couldn’t get warrants?
This is one of the questions this brings up. Another is, were they wiretapping anti-war leaders?

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One More Race This Year

This is bumped back to the top. Send this guy some money!
Steve Young for Congress. Go look at the great special effect at his site.
This is the last race this year, and 30% would be a win. Even 30% would force the Republicans to spend to defend every single Congressional district next year, instead of focusing their resources. After what happened in last Tuesday’s elections it would send a huge Democratic “momentum” message.
But, actually, Steve Young has a chance to win in this Republican district.
More later. Go donate — help him get out the voters December 6. More ways to help here.