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I want to tell you about an organization Do More Than Vote, show you their great video and ask you to help spread the word.
Watch the video, spread the word.

There is a KOS Diary about them at Daily Kos: A Tool to Help Rally the Troops, and here’s what they sent me:

A viral video called “The Greatest Trick Ever!” was released today. Far from lecturing, the piece entertains and engages, taking a page from the success of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, which demonstrate that people can take politics when it comes with a spoonful of humor. The short gives “regular” people tools to impact the midterm elections and pushes them to the Do More Than Vote website – a clearing house for local activities around the country. The short is designed for bloggers to forward to their non-political friends. It’s fun enough to do that! So check it out and do it!
Do More Than Vote (DMTV) is a national effort to help any individual find opportunities for progressive political action that fit his or her schedule and interests. The website tells people how 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 dollars can be devoted to help the Democrats take Congress this November and connects them directly to organizations that are working in their home towns. Thirty cities have dedicated DMTV sites; new chapters can form within hours; and anyone can find opportunities regardless of where they live. They are not trying to recreate progressive organizations but driving people to existing ones.
You can support these efforts by donating to Do More Than Vote and Hammering the Issues (the PAC that produced the ad) at their Act Blue page.
Here’s the G version of the video – send this one to your mom or grandma:
Here’s the PG version:

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  1. This is a really great idea! I love it! I’m sure the list of locations is going to grow rapidly. Now this is what the WWW is really great at!

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