Do More Than Vote

I want to tell you about an organization Do More Than Vote, show you their great video and ask you to help spread the word.
Watch the video, spread the word.

There is a KOS Diary about them at Daily Kos: A Tool to Help Rally the Troops, and here’s what they sent me:

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Great Video At The People Choose 2006

The other day I wrote about a new website, The People Choose 2006,

Think of it as a political YouTube for “citizen journalists” — inviting regular people around the country to submit videos you make about your local Congressional races. Anyone can go to the site and view the videos, and use them on blogs, etc. Some of these will end up broadcast nationally on Dish and DirecTV.

I mentioned one great video they had already recieved, and today I finally figured out how to post a video from The People Choose. You have to click on the “JumpCut” in the lower right corner, and if you are logged in at JumpCut you see a “Post to Website” button… They will be added this directly to The People Choose website soon. (Still working out the kinks…)
Make a video and go upload it.
And here is “Married To the Man“:

If YOU want to post this on YOUR blog, click on JumpCut on the video, log in, and click the “Post to Website” button to get the embed code. But PLEASE send people to The People Choose Site itself at, not just to JumpCut.