A Few Comments

My computer’s working, and I’ve been collecting things to comment on. (But I did lose a lot of archived e-mail that I thought was backed up.)
The election. Remember, even with all the great polls we’re still just hoping to squeak into a majority by a few seats. But the Republicans haven’t really started spending their campaign money or executing their final campaign strategies yet. And they have a better get-out-the-vote machine– especially don’t count out the right-wing churches.
If the Dems get a majority, then what? Republicans can filibuster and veto bills. And if the Democrats actually DO investigate things, the Republicans have a massive propaganda machine. Remember what happened to Clinton and look at what is happening to Harry Reid today. There still is no “infrastructure” in pace to watch their backs, and to argue the progressive side to the public.
Harry Reid made a profit on real estate. Comment – in case you didn’t know, we are in a huge housing bubble. It would not be possible for anyone NOT to make a $700,000 profit on a $400,000 investment made in 1998.
The Iraqi civilian death estimate. They took the death rate before the war and compared it to the rate after we invaded. This is not a direct casualty count, it is the increase in deaths attributable to our invasion. For example, someone who dies because he or she is unable to get medicine. Someone who dies from bad water because the water treatment olant was shut down because of no electricity.