Conservatives Really Do Hate America

The STF Rule — when Republicans accuse, it means they’re doing it themselves… And Republicans love to say liberals hate America.
This post at TownHall just drips with elitist hated of Americans. military draft?::By Thomas Sowell,

Back in the days of World War II, the military were drafting young men who were, by and large, patriotic Americans, people who felt that they had a duty to protect this country from its enemies.
Today, a military draft would bring in large numbers of people who have been systematically “educated” to believe the worst about this country or, at best, to be non-judgmental about the differences between American society and its enemies.
The fact that we could use a larger army of the kinds of people who have already volunteered to put their lives on the line does not mean that we can get it by adding warm bodies fresh from our politically correct schools and colleges, where standards and self-discipline are greatly lacking.

Just getting such people used to the idea of duty and discipline could be a major drain on the military, not to mention a plague of lawsuits from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union if the little darlings were not handled with kid gloves.
More than that, so many American institutions, from the Congress to the courts, have degenerated into irresponsible self-indulgence that the military is one of the very few institutions left with a sense of purpose for which it is prepared to make sacrifices.
We dare not destroy that institution, or undermine its morale, by pouring into it very different kinds of people, who will be like sand poured into the gears of machinery.


2 thoughts on “Conservatives Really Do Hate America

  1. Good grief.Every single time I think I’ve heard the most ridiculous s— I could possibly hear,I hear something more impossible.I did read this post 5 times and thought ok, guess you are reading it right.Nasty is exactly correct .Well, actually a nice word considering.Condescending?Maybe that seems an odd word to use here but that is how it strikes me.Little pat on the head.Well those poor kids do it so much better.
    Well we wouldn’t want them rich kids learning about disciple,God forbid.Or sacrificing a damn thing for the country that keeps them in their little cocoons.Nope.I’m so glad our military is protected from the likes of a bunch of spoiled rotten brats.Yes I am.Of course at this point in time there may be a choice for them.Keep useing up the same bodies over and over and there may not be any choice any more.Oh never mind, I forgot.That’s when we leave and I suppose that the war we won a few years ago will finally be over.

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