Gone For A Few Days

I will be gone to Yosemite Wednesday through Friday, and might not be able to access the Internet from our motel. I thought I should post about this now, so you can begin preparing yourselves. For those who have trouble coping with this, I am trying to make arrangements with a national suicide hotline, and will post the number — if I can work out a reasonably priced package. (If not you’re on your own – maybe you should have hit the Tip Jar once in a while.) But either way, if things get really, really bad remember that I will be BACK Friday evening, and then everything will return to normal and be OK. Just keep that in your minds through the worst of it. Be Strong. Ride it out.

1 thought on “Gone For A Few Days

  1. Of course, you should make sure that it’s not a government-sponsored faith-based suicide hotline. Otherwise they’ll just track and record the calls and/or tell people to recognize that the Lord Jeeezus is their savior and everything will be okay.
    That’s what they’re trying to do with 1-800-SUICIDE (I think it’s that one, at least, one that’s been mentioned), and I doubt it will be very helpful.

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