Other People’s Families

Through AMERICAblog

Since the Vietnam War era, it has been common to say that wars are begun by powerful men whose sons stay home, while the sons of men and women with calluses on their hands and dirt under their nails cross oceans to fight, and perhaps to die.
… A White House aide, who requested anonymity because his information was preliminary, said Wednesday that he knew of no top Bush administration official who had a relative who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “Other People’s Families

  1. “Iraq and Afghanistan”? I would expect it to be, “Iraq or Afghanistan” if it was to mean anything significant. And define top administration official.
    Once we get those out of the way, the statement sounds accurate enough. I wonder what the numbers are for Congress as a whole, both Dem and Republican.

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    During VietNam we had a draft and taxes covered the cost, which meant that the voters felt the pain of war. If we had a draft do you think the public would ever let us get into a war unless…

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