Blog Hero Award — Atrios

I used to give a Blog Hero Award. Now “Atrios” has written one of the best blog posts ever so I’m reviving the award.

Atrios is hereby awarded a coveted (and rare) Blog Hero Award for his post, The Sensibles:

Start with a proposal that does 80% of the job, whittle it down to 60% to make it cheaper just because, cut that in half to please Republicans who won’t vote for it anyway, throw in some additional complication and means testing to please random “moderate” Democrats, and you’re left with something that is complicated and confusing that you’re unable (or justifiably unwilling) to take credit for. Then spend another 3 months “debating” it just to give time for people all over the spectrum to point out why it’s shit.

This is what the supposedly sensible, moderate, grown up politicians do. Then they can blame The Left because twitter user TrotskyChavez420 tweeted, “fuck the pigs.”

Blog Hero Award — Richard Eskow

Ricjard Eskow is hereby awarded a coveted (and rare) Blog Hero Award for his post, Alice in Medicareland: One Voucher Makes You Larger … | Excerpt:

Just then the Cato Institute Caterpillar – the Cato-Pillar – appears before you, sitting on an ornate toadstool built by generous corporate donors. Beside him is the Mad Hatter, er, the Bad Tanner, we mean, the “Tan Boehner” – with a pricetag on his hat that reads “Citizens United.”
Ahem, they say. We think buses and subways are too expensive, don’t you? So we’re taking them away.
But, you ask, why not just fix what makes them expensive?
You’ll like this better, they say. A bus or subway ride costs $2.50. Soon it’ll cost $5.00. That’s too much,don’t you think? So we’ll just give you $2.50 instead.
But how will I get to school? you ask. How will my parents get to work?
Ah, they say. There will be taxis. Wonderful, wonderful taxis. Taxis that aren’t owned and operated by the evil government.

But really, there is so much there, so good, , go read the whole thing!

Bob Herbert Should Be A Blogger

Because he tells it like it is, not like the DC insiders think it is!
Please go read!

With all due respect to the president, who is a very smart man, how is it possible for anyone with any reasonable awareness of the nonstop carnage that has accompanied the entire history of giant corporations to believe that the oil companies, which are among the most rapacious players on the planet, somehow “had their act together” with regard to worst-case scenarios.
These are not Little Lord Fauntleroys who can be trusted to abide by some fanciful honor system. These are greedy merchant armies drilling blindly at depths a mile and more beneath the seas while at the same time doing all they can to stifle the government oversight that is necessary to protect human lives and preserve the integrity of the environment.

If he was a blogger he could receive a coveted Seeing the Forest Blog Hero Award. Maybe I’ll come up with an honorary award…

Brad Friedman — Blog Hero Award

Brad Friedman is hereby awarded the coveted Seeing the Forest Blog Hero Award for his tireless work pursuing the NY Times for getting the ACORN story so wrong. See: The BRAD BLOG : NYT PUBLIC EDITOR FINALLY ADMITS ACORN ‘PIMP’ HOAX REPORTING FAILURE: ‘TIMES WAS WRONG, I HAVE BEEN WRONG DEFENDING PAPER’

A Great Read – Blog Hero Award

THIS is why I love reading blogs: Daily Kos: The Culture Wars in America

The extent to which you believe what you’re told, or even allow it to register without rigorous questioning is the extent to which you are sadly misinformed. This concerted campaign of disinformation is so pervasive in our culture that it can’t help but affect us all, disorienting individuals and distorting every issue to the point that knowing the truth in modern day America is nothing less than a Herculean task – and yet knowing the truth, as elusive as it may be, is our solemn duty as citizens.

One Pissed Off Liberal, the author, hereby wins an extremely coveted Seeing the Forest Blog Hero Award. Stop by and pick it up.

Blog Hero Award – YearlyKos Staff and Volunteers

I am awarding the coveted – COVETED! – Seeing the Forest Blog Hero Award to the entire YearlyKos staff and volunteers.
This post is an ongoing project. So please send me pictures of anyone I missed! Please let me know names to put with the pictures. Also, the pictures were taken at the end of YearlyKos, so everyone is tired. Please send me a better picture if you would like that posted instead. This post will grow, new pictures will be added, and some day it will be complete.
Here are the winners of the coveted Seeing the Forest Blog Hero Award:

Gina Cooper

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Best Line of the Week

Best blogging line of the week. Maybe month. Pundit Overload,

Having Ann Coulter on your network debating the “meaning” of the Fitzgerald investigation isn’t relevant. It isn’t useful. It’s like watching a dog crap to music.

Beautiful. Poetry. Does the author rate a coveted Seeing the Forest Blog Hero award? Discuss.