Blog Hero Award — Richard Eskow

Ricjard Eskow is hereby awarded a coveted (and rare) Blog Hero Award for his post, Alice in Medicareland: One Voucher Makes You Larger … | Excerpt:

Just then the Cato Institute Caterpillar – the Cato-Pillar – appears before you, sitting on an ornate toadstool built by generous corporate donors. Beside him is the Mad Hatter, er, the Bad Tanner, we mean, the “Tan Boehner” – with a pricetag on his hat that reads “Citizens United.”
Ahem, they say. We think buses and subways are too expensive, don’t you? So we’re taking them away.
But, you ask, why not just fix what makes them expensive?
You’ll like this better, they say. A bus or subway ride costs $2.50. Soon it’ll cost $5.00. That’s too much,don’t you think? So we’ll just give you $2.50 instead.
But how will I get to school? you ask. How will my parents get to work?
Ah, they say. There will be taxis. Wonderful, wonderful taxis. Taxis that aren’t owned and operated by the evil government.

But really, there is so much there, so good, , go read the whole thing!