1 thought on “Blog Heros

  1. Sorry, but I didn’t see any reason that she should be declared a “hero”.
    This “if you can’t use a computer, you’re not qualified for the Presidency” is as stupid as the old “if you didn’t serve in the military, you’re not qualified” or the “if you don’t have something hanging between your legs, you’re not qualified” mantras.
    Obama has a rather important subcommittee chairmanship yet he’s been “too busy” to hold the first hearing–when we’ve got troops fighting in Afghanistan and it’s Obama’s subcommittee that’s responsible for that, it certainly doesn’t speak much to his qualifications for the Presidency (to say nothing of poor widdle Baracky’s needing to take vacations in the middle of the primary season because he got tired).
    If I want someone to know how to work a computer, I’ll talk to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. (Of course, in reality, if I need a CSR to help me with a computer problem, I’m probably going to get someone in India for whom English is a third language, barely.)

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