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I was listening to a radio talk show today and someone called in and said, “I used to be a democrat”, but…

Now come on! How any times have I heard that call? How many times have I seen that letter to the editor? It’s the oldest trick in the book. A basic principle of influence is “the actions of similar others,” where people tend to do things because others do. (This is so strong in people that suicides can even work this way.)

Searching for examples of this I came across a post by the great Oliver Willis, in which he writes,

“Ya sort of remind me of the individuals who call programs like C-span’s Wall Street Journal or talk shows and begin their assault on the Democrats with, “I used to be a Democrat…but” … then go on to prove that they have never been a Democrat and are very likely a Republican seminar caller, or a shill for the establishment.”

When you hear someone saying this, you might be encountering a pro. Or at least a trained volunteer.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Thought

  1. I disagree. I am 63 years old and have been a Democrat since I was old enough to understand what was going on. As of last week I have decided that enough is enough and am switching over to the Green Party. As far as I can see, the Democrats (except for a courageous few), have turned into Republican wannabe’s. All it takes is for the Republicans to call them some names and they run and hide in a corner. They act like a bunch of wimps and then wonder why they don’t receive any respect. I have written to them individually as well as contacting the NDC to ask why they are showing such a lack of courage….is there a reason for this that I am not aware of….do they have a plan of action….why don’t they fight back with all the amunition that this administration has given them. The only answers I have received so far are form letters thanking me for my interest. So, you see, I am not a Republican pretending to have “moved on”, but a Democrat who has lost the party they used to know and am searching for a party that will have the courage to fight for what is right.

  2. I know a pretty fair number of Republicans who have quit and become Democrats because the Republican party is no longer recognizable. It is definitely not Grandpa’s Republican party any more.

  3. Almost every time someone does that (and went Republican, not Green), they’re a troll. That’s a classic troll introduction to pushing some Republican talking points. Also trolling, when you hear someone say “Why aren’t the Democrats the party of JFK any more?” and then proceed to push Republican talking points as if they were Kennedy’s.

  4. Jane – If i were to tell you that the Democratic Party had JUST elected Howard Dean as Chairman, would you slap your forehead and say “Doh!”? You didn’t know that?

  5. I am old enough to not worry about myself so much as my children & grandchild. One of them who I thought was the most level headed has totally been influenced by her conservative Cinninati Church. They other two are rebels against what this administration is doing to this country but too poor to do much fighting. I am a registered Democrat but have always voted my conscience. Sometime Republican, sometime Democrat. I had a father in law that voted Republican no matter what(even though he lost his business during the depression)..I thought he was nuts sometime but think about this. He always said that when the ECONOMY WAS GOING TO HELL that the US went to war.
    Maybe he was right, Economy has gone to hell except for the rich, or government workers of state workers (anything that is paid by taxes on the rest of us). One of us has just gone on Medicate & the shock of supplemental insurance is over-whelming. We may end up on medicare alone, even though we had almost $1 Million is IRA’s. Think we trust the MARKET or privitization now.
    What’s ironic is we were very interested 30 years ago when it first came up. Check into Chile or Peru where they tried it about same time. Did’nt work so well. Living Day to day and hoping not to end up on SS alone.

  6. A reverse roll. Been a Republican since I could vote but haven’t voted Republican since Gerald Ford. Rush, Bill and Sean are lost in space. Bush is right there with them.

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