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Another “I used to be a Democrat, but” moment: I was listening to Rush, and heard this: Rush Is Right: Unmanly Men Fear Bush,

Caller: …I voted for Kerry and ’04, and after that — I mean, very shortly; I’m talking like even a month after that — I started to study. … I mean, it’s emasculating how the Democratic Party is, just because, I mean, Reagan and Bush, they have that in common. They see something and they know it’s right, they’re going to do it no matter what and that’s what a man does, and the Democratic Party, I mean, that’s the reason I left is because —

Rush: Tim, this is fascinating. You’re a very interesting guy. I want to know how this process happened, because the way you tell the story, here you are, this lifelong Democrat; you’re even part of this group Catawba for Kerry, and you’re out there rallying, and then you said a month after you voted for Kerry you felt emasculated. … You had to have guilt about being a Democrat for a long time. What triggered this reversal?
Caller: … Well, I was going to a lot of different groups and like support things and rallies for like, you know, women’s rights first of all I had that guilt in the back of my head. I’m going. :I’m not a woman, why am I here? [Note, previously the caller said he was from North Caroline. Women’s rights rallies?]
[…] Rush: Well, this is fascinating. You felt emasculated after voting for Kerry because you had to go to these women’s rights rallies at…
Caller: … I was just going to say it’s just wimpy. I just felt extremely wimpy. You know, “Terrorists attack their country? Oh, let’s hug them.” There’s no common sense behind it. [. . .] There is no common sense there. That’s the other thing that got it, is the emasculation and the common sense — lack thereof, anyway.

It continues…
I suspect this was professionally crafted. “Emasculation” – going straight to the psychological/emotional heart of persuasion.
Propaganda, professionally crafted, repeated and repeated over years and decades, through every possible channel by which information reaches people… Do you thnk it sinks in?
So how many times a week do you hear one or another form of the mesage that conservatives are good, and liberals/Democrats are bad? How many times a week do you hear the reverse message?
WHY don’t year hear the message that progressives/liberals/Democrats are good, and progressives/liberals/Democrats ideas/values/candidates are good for you? WHY don’t year hear that?

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  1. I think most of us who are progressives/liberals simply never hear most mass media. It is that simple — it stopped speaking to us and we left.
    That’s dangerous, but I am not about to advocate to anyone that they go seeking abuse.

  2. Corporate controlled media does not like you to hear it very often, and when they do let you they have the guilt wringers on hand to let you know why the progressive message is bad…
    By the time they are done inflicting all that guilt, you are ashamed for ever approving the progressive message because you must have been lazy, foolish, socialist, selfish and greedy.
    It’s a head trip alright.

  3. This wasn’t Rush, but the manager of Renaissance Village (FEMA trailer camp)told Nightline that there are jobs available, and that the people are “Lazy, Or Used To Living Off The System”

  4. Ripper:
    You know when fluoridation first began?
    No. No, I don’t, Jack. No.
    Nineteen hundred and forty six. Nineteen fortysix, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your postwar commie conspiracy, huh?
    It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual, and certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard core commie works.
    Jack… Jack, listen, tell me, ah… when did you first become, well, develop this theory.
    Well, I ah, I I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love. Yes a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I was able to interpret these feelings correctly: loss of essence.
    I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women… women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake, but I do deny them my essence.
    –From Terry Southern’s Dr. Strangelove

  5. I am a dedicated liberal but my brother and I were lamenting about how at times liberal “political correctness” seems emasculating. I wish we could lose a little of the PITA/sensitive guy image. I’m not saying we should dump the issues; just work from behind the scenes. I am 62 years old and not moved by such nonsense; but I suspect younger men are moved.

  6. After I finished laughing about any concept of Bush as masculine, that effete little mama’s boy, I looked a little harder at the message we’re getting here. It’s a little different from the “War is Manly” message we’ve been getting, and it fits with the anti-abortion, anti-gay campaign. Democrats are emasculating, and emasculated, because they are pro choice and pro equal rights for everyone. And there’s a big new campaign starting about how “feminists”, meaning some kind of new feminists, hate men and now don’t want men to have equal rights with women!
    I’m beginning to think that at the heart of what’s going on, and the reason they can never communicate, is that ALL of the propaganda from the far right is emotionally based, inspires hatred and fear, and is personal. We see that in the responses of the trolls here. Meanwhile, the Democrats cling to reason and logic.

  7. “Political correctness” means that you act like your mother taught you a few manners.
    Don’t be a sissy, Don. If you don’t believe in PITA or whatever, don’t spend your time and energy there. Do what you believe in then you never need to worry about the sissy image.
    Who is a big fat whiny sissy boy? Rush Limbaugh, that is who is a big fat whiny sissy boy.
    Pity the fool who looks to Rush for masculinity tips.

  8. “WHY don’t year hear the message that … liberals/Democrats are good, and … liberals/Democrats ideas/values/candidates are good for you? WHY don’t year hear that?”
    You hear, and read that all the time from all the major media outlets – in fact it is the driving drum beat.
    Dont hear the progressive message much though – but then present day progressive idealogy really isn’t good for us…

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