What You Won’t See On American TV

This remarkable video from al Jazeera shows an Arab woman arguing against the “backwardness” of the fundamentalist Muslims. (Arabic with subtitles.)
When is the last time you saw someone on American TV arguing against the backwardness of fundamentalist Christians? American TV wouldn’t allow that — not in today’s environment of threats and intimidation.

5 thoughts on “What You Won’t See On American TV

  1. I think showing something like that on al Jazeera is an amazingly good sign!
    And you’re right. it’s been a very long time, if ever, that I’ve seen anyone, of either sex, on TV arguing about the backwardness of American fundamentalism. No, I’m going to take that back. Jim Wallace, himself a progressive fundamentalist minister, has had plenty to say about this both in his book and when interviewed on TV, and he’s in a position to know. But progressives don’t listen to him, considering him just another “Christian.”

  2. Progressive Christians are becoming more vocal about renouncing the hate and intolerance that comes from many fundamentalists. We are just newer at speaking out and getting involved politically. We have sat too long on the sidelines, allowing those who preach hate and intolerance to take the name of Christ for their causes. But the tide is turning, thanks in part to Jim Wallis.
    I was in awe of this woman, thanks for posting the link. She makes the point that I’ve read elsewhere – it is up to the Muslim leadership and Muslim moderates/progressives to quell and denounce the fundamentalists in their own religion. (Just as it’s up to Christian moderates/progressives to do the same for our religion.)
    Love of God, and care for others are tenets in common for both of these Abrahamic religions. Never violence or hate.

  3. you won’t see any coverage of the peace movement in Israel on American TV either, actually you don’t see much content on American TV wahtsoever.
    Unless, of course, you watch Link TV and FSTV….

  4. Quick hits

    You have to see this post by Dave Johnson and the video he refers to. Laura Rozen has more on the Brent Wilkes bribery scandal and Rep. Doolittle (R-Corruption). Chitra Ragavan of US News and World Report asks whether the…

  5. Where are the legions of marauding fundamentalist Christians?
    In your imaginations.
    Today’s environment of “threats and intimidation?”
    Please… the greatest threat you face is your own stupidity. Nobody’s trying to intimidate you.
    The left’s martyrdom fantasies, as usual.
    Mostly, you’re just bored.

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