Update – I bought Nexus 7, Cant Recommend Highly Enough, Apple Is Over

The other day I wrote about almost buying an iPad Mini but the price and lack of GPS stopped me. I Came THIS Close To Buying iPad Mini!,

I went looking around today. I went to Stanford Mall, where there are Sony, Microsoft and Apple stores. I almost bought an iPad mini, but Apple talked me out of it.
… It costs too much, but I would have bought one one the spot anyway. But then I found out it doesn’t have a GPS in it. To get one with a GPS you have to pay another $130 to get the cell-enabled device. …
Apple. This is the company that charges $30 for a 5-cent cord. So, no sale. Android devices have GPS, and I have a wireless hotspot on my phone so I do not need a pad with cell service in it.

So I finally bought the Nexus 7 and I just couldn’t be more impressed, especially with the new Android 4.2 OS upgrade. You can customize the OS to work the way you work, etc…
Between this and Windows 8 I feel like Apple is over, they have been leapfrogged. I’ll probably get a Windows or Andriod phone next, too.
The hardware is good but their pricing ruins it. I mean, we’re looking to replace a 15″ Macbook Pro and I go to the Apple store and it starts at $1800 but that’s with a slow 5200 RPM drive, and the lowest-available upgrade — $10 to $20 when ordering PCs — is $150. 512GB solid state is another $1,000, when PCs come with hybrid drives now and you can just buy a 512SSD for less than half that. Antiglare screen is another $100, etc. etc.
The “Retina Display” model runs from $2200 to $2800 before you add anything. ($3750 with more ram and a big flash drive. I don’t think you can pay that much for any PC laptop anywhere.)

2 thoughts on “Update – I bought Nexus 7, Cant Recommend Highly Enough, Apple Is Over

  1. i so agree, i am a owner of iphone 4, iphone 5 and ipad 2. i bought the iphone 5 then i discover the google map is not in there. maybe apple wanna introduce something. consumer would appreciate sufficient research and survey and no just BLINDLY REPLACE, the only thing that stopped mi from getting the ipad mini til now is the lack of google maps and the price. if apple still thinks they are the market leader then they goona wake up their ideas.Anytime they will be replace and forgotten if they still thinks we (consumer) gonna wait for them. the market never waits so APPLE Inc, wake up or be replace… PUI

  2. I’ve been Mac user since Quark’s release 1988. Was going to update to new OS until I read the many neg. comments on Apple’s Mountain Lion page.
    don’t recall apple making so many missteps in such a short time frame
    could be just a stumble but Jobs loss would take a while to filter through organization power abhor a vacuum and Steve held power close
    Apple products are more fetish than functional these days

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