Tell Congress We Want Jobs Not Cuts

I haven’t done this before, but I think today’s email from CAF is so spot on that I am going to reprint it here:
The statisticians were right about the election. The scientists were right about the weather. And the economists are right about … the economy.
350 economists have signed a letter warning Congress, warning “too many in Washington are fixated on cutting public spending to balance the budget, not on how to put people back to work and get our economy going. We need jobs first. With recovery, deficit reduction will come of its own accord thanks to increased revenues in an improving economy.”
Tell your member of Congress to listen to the 350 economists who say it is time to focus on jobs, not austerity.
Yet Washington seems to be listening more to a much smaller group of CEOs fronting the “Fix The Debt” campaign who want to target Social Security and Medicare for painful cuts, yet have to audacity to demand lower tax rates for themselves.
We’re partnering with our friends over at Daily Kos to spread the word about the powerful statement from 350 economists that can wake up Washington.
Join Campaign for America’s Future and Daily Kos by telling your member of the House of Representatives to listen to the 350 economists who say it is time to focus on jobs, not austerity.
It is imperative that any budget deal recognizes that the path to fiscal stability is found through public investment into jobs and growth, and does not take this slowly recovering economy into relapse and recession.
That will only happen if Congress listens to the economists and not the CEOs. The folks who understand math, not the corporate ideologues willing to send our economy back into recession.
Help us make sure the economists are heard, and we make budget decisions based on real math that works for us, not the fuzzy math that only works for the CEOs.

Roger Hickey
Co-director, Campaign for America’s Future

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