3 thoughts on “TV Preacher

  1. I’m pretty much an atheist, but I used to enjoy watching Gene Scott on cable twenty-five years ago. He said interesting things and it was not a total money scam, just as he says. I didn’t know he was dead! Too bad. Interesting guy. And not a total hypocrite — a very rare distinction in his line of work.

  2. … this brings back memories. I grew up in Los Angeles, and spent a lot of time watching broadcast TV late at night on my black and white 13″. Dr. Eugene Scott was definitely one of the more entertaining speakers on TV at that hour, a real character.
    Late night TV in Los Angeles is a nostalgia gold mine for anyone who grew up there in the ’70s and ’80s.

  3. Gene Scott will never ever go away. A local christian station here in Iowa just started broadcasting him on late night TV. Oh how I wish he would go away, he was a nutcase.

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