Dogs With Cancer

A number of dogs of friends of mine have recently succumbed to or come down with one or another form of cancer. This kind of thing is usually a coincidence, but I thought I might ask if others are seeing anything like this in your circles? Let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Dogs With Cancer

  1. Check out similarities. Are these dogs roughly the same age? Live in the same area? Living conditions? Diet? Especially check out diet, since we’ve been learning that plenty’s gone wrong with the manufacture of pet foods.
    There were a lot of cancers among pets in the neighborhood near the WTC site after 9/11. I especially noticed because both my and a neighbor’s cat died within a few months of each other of very similar cancers. The pets around here were serving as canaries in the coal mines. Now we’re learning that the first responders at the site are in danger of developing cancer.

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