Tomorrow’s One Nation March In DC And Around The Country

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Does the corporate-sponsored Tea Party speak for you? Or are we One Nation, Working Together?
One Nation Working Together For Jobs, Justice and Education for All. How can you not agree with that? How can you not demand that Washington hear this, and get going on delivering the change that we voted for? There is a march tomorrow along with events around the country, with that message. You should attend.
Tomorrow, October 2, the One Nation Working Together march takes place. More than 400 organizations (go see) are working together to help make this happen and to add their voices demanding a country that works for US.
If you are not able to come to DC, there are local events all around the country. Click here to learn how you can participate and add your voice.
Please read the Who We Are, Why We March statement. We are … US. “We march for a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. We march for jobs, justice, and education. We march for an economy that works for all. We march for a nation in which each person who wants to work can find a job that pays enough to support a family.”
The other day Bill Scher wrote, in Why March Saturday? Take Back The Discourse (That The Tea Party Stole),

… a larger turnout Saturday in support of “jobs, justice and education” than Glenn Beck’s recent rally in support of “Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck” will be very hard for the media to ignore.
Simply achieving parity in media attention blunts the Tea Party’s corrosive influence on the discourse, opening up the possibility for a serious, responsible dialogue on the next steps America must take to recover from the conservative-created recession.

Isaiah Poole wrote, in Who Will March For Patricia Reid?,

A coalition of labor, civil rights and community organizations is seeking to bring hundreds of thousands of people to Washington on October 2 for the “One Nation Working Together” march. A principal goal of that march is “to build a more united America – with jobs, justice and education for all.”
The march’s supporters include “people who got thrown out – thrown out of our jobs, schools, houses, farms and small businesses – while Wall Street’s wrongdoers got bailed out. We are families who pray every day – for peace and prosperity; for deliverance from foreclosures; for good jobs to come back to urban and rural America. We are unemployed workers – forced to watch hopes for bold action dashed – because some Senators threaten filibusters, and other would-be champions fold in fear.”

According to The New York Times,

The rally’s platform looks like a liberal wish list: extend unemployment benefits, raise the minimum wage, end the foreclosure epidemic, enact legislation making it easier to join unions, increase infrastructure spending to create jobs, “fix our broke immigration system” and end immigration round-ups that “encourage racial profiling.” The march’s sponsors hope it will help turn some of these wishes into legislative reality, in part by giving the Democrats some highly visible and clamorous backing to push through stalled legislation.
“Our rally is standing up for the change we voted for two years ago,” Mr. Gresham said.

Here is your chance to show up and be counted. Do people just hand the reigns back over to the right and let us fall into another decade of conservative dominance, or do we get out there and do something?
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