One Nation Working Together March Live Webstream

Updated: The march is over.
Huffington Post has this picture:

Of course the right’s blogs are going with a picture that CNN ran in the morning, during setup, before anyone arrived, and claiming that no one showed up:

Credit where credit is due: FOX News shows an honest view of the crowd, in a good clip that I can’t seem to embed, so click through to see it.

4 thoughts on “One Nation Working Together March Live Webstream

  1. Compare and contrast the 10/2 march with the 8/28 march.
    Where 8/28 attendance was entirely voluntary; 10/2 was mandatory (at least for union members)
    Where 8/28 had a expressly non-partisan message; 10/2 was completely partisan.
    Where 8/28 was about hope; 10/2 was about hate.
    Where the organizers of 8/28 asked attendees not to bring signs or at least partisan signs; at 10/2 most carried preprinted and partisan signs.
    Where 8/28 filled the park to overflowing (including large, packed crowds on the other side of the two tree lines); at 8/28 people were concentrated entirely around the Reflecting Pool.
    You still don’t represent America; you represent special interests.
    And, you take pride in the racial supremacy group La Raza being in attendance?

  2. This is one amazing event. It really gives me goosebumps seeing people united with one cause and that is for the betterment of everybody. It’s really cool to see them doing such things.

  3. It’s just amazing to see these kinds of events being held in a country. you can just see the unity among the citizens.

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