There Is Enough Money To Fight The Climate Crisis

More than 1000 people have already died from the heat in the hajj pilgrimage.

The climate crisis is real. If you think it’s hot now, just wait. 1000 people dead from heat is nothing compared to what is coming. But politicians say it would “cost too much” to do what is necessary to transform to a green economy that doesn’t put carbon into the air.

Show Me The Money

There is no such thing as “costs too much” for a government. The money is right there.

The US government does not “borrow.” Taxes are not “revenue.” This is misinformation spread on purpose by people who know better, and who benefit from the way things are. We are not on the gold standard. The government does not round up gold to pay its bills, it “prints money.”

Scarcity-of-money ideology holds us back from making people’s lives better. It keeps the holders of money in power. When it comes to fighting the climate crisis it is the oil companies telling you there isn’t enough money to transform the economy away from oil.

It’s Not “Debt”

The “national debt” measures how much money has been spent into the economy but not taxed out – they money that runs the economy. Proof: what would happen if the US “paid off its national debt?” It would take $34 trillion out of the economy.

Watch the documentary on this, Finding The Money.