Theologians Warn of ‘False Gospel’ on the Environment

[This isn’t what you think. This is National Council of Churches – the “good” Christians, fighting back, finally. They are clearly unhappy about the attitude of their fellow “Christians”. Excerpt from press release below. -Thomas]

Theologians Warn of ‘False Gospel’ on the Environment

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 14, 2005 – In an effort to refute what they call a “false gospel” and to change destructive attitudes and actions concerning the environment, a group of theologians, convened by the National Council of Churches USA, today released an open letter calling on Christians to repent of “our social and ecological sins” and to reject teachings that suggest humans are “called” to exploit the Earth without care for how our behavior impacts the rest of God’s creation.

The statement, “God’s Earth is Sacred: An Open Letter to Church and Society in the United States,” points out that there is both an environmental and a theological crisis that must be addressed.

“We have listened to a false gospel that we continue to live out in our daily habits – a gospel that proclaims that God cares for the salvation of humans only and that our human calling is to exploit Earth for our own ends alone,” says the statement. “This false gospel still finds its proud preachers and continues to capture its adherents among emboldened political leaders and policy makers.”

The statement calls on Christians to take two important steps to enable socially just and ecologically sustainable communities for future generations: first, to “repent of our sins, in the presence of God and one another,” and, second, to pursue, “with God’s help, a path different from our present course.”

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3 thoughts on “Theologians Warn of ‘False Gospel’ on the Environment

  1. Finally, a reasoned statement that speaks out against the death-worshiping insanity of omnicide as not only a side effect, but an actual goal.
    The crazies really do want to destroy everything. And they’ve been getting their way for a long time.
    I heard Carl Pope speak a few years ago, and was very moved by his deeply worshipful respect for nature. What a wonderful experience. We need more of that. A lot more.

  2. That was a nice article to read, though I very much doubt it will have any real
    effect on the minds of these people. It simply demands too much from them.

    When I say "these people", I’m not talking about my upper
    middle class, educated and thoughtful Christian, Left Wing neighbors (and I
    have two). I’m talking about the greater majority of Christians both here
    in this town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado and inclusively in Amerika at large.

    Lest anyone feel I’m being elitist, my wife and I collectively earned
    less than $25g last year, and I maintained a solid D average until barely graduating
    high school, where my publik skool ejucation abruptly ended.

    We’re in the heart of God’s Country here, not far from the epicenter
    of the hardcore Christian Right; Colorado Springs.

    I’ve lived all over this country- Connecticut, where I was born, Long
    Island, Maryland, Florida, Louisiana, Southern California, Arizona, Washington
    State, I’ve spent a lot of time in major cities, from Boston and NYC to
    DC, Chicago to New Orleans to LA and San Francisco.

    I know this country.

    My wife and I are artists/craftspeople, and we earn a good portion of our pennies
    selling our wares at fairs and craft shows where we get a good glimpse of the
    real population.

    If you live in a progressive town or city, like Taos, or Santa Fe, Aspen or
    Boulder, Boston or Baltimore, you’re more likely to foster hope for this
    country’s future. There are hip coffee shops and bookstores abounding,
    lots of Lefty bumper stickers and T-shirts, people quote Thich Nat Han, they
    read Mother Jones, they’re smart, slim and beautiful, they ride bikes
    and rollerblade and eat tempeh sandwiches with sesame-chipotle sauce and they’re
    horrified at the situation the nation and world seemingly suddenly face today.

    But in the towns between these liberal oases loaf the real, lard-laden meat
    and bones of this country, as you all know. Scratch the surface of that porcine
    population slightly and you’ll reveal a deeply fearful, desperate, finger
    pointing and hate-driven country festering and squealing just beneath.

    They want easy answers that don’t ask much of them and don’t cause
    them any more fear while promising them Great White Heaven.

    They’re rigid in their beliefs, and the edifice of those beliefs have
    been further solidified and substantiated by its recent rise to power from local
    PTAs, from town and state governments to the House, Senate and the Presidency

    The lines of battle have been clearly drawn, and it may now be too late for
    the weakened and thin, moderate and progressive voices within Christianity to
    redefine them or even be heard above the rising and steady war cries.

    I’m not sure of how often a person’s basic tendencies are truly
    converted; moderates tend to stay moderate and radicals stay radical. Maybe
    it’s those radicals jumping the fence, David Horowitz-style, that give
    us the impression of people changing, but largely it’s lefties on The
    Left and righties on The Right, and now with each side moving exponentially
    farther and farther away from each other and therefore further from the spirits
    of acceptance, negotiation and compromise at the long forgotten center at a
    time when they are most needed.

    At any rate, these hardcore Christians who seem to have seized control of
    the bus from the local/state level to a national level are not about to give
    up their dreams and newfound power in exchange for a doctrine of personal responsibility,
    reform and compromise.

    I think in terms of inertia, of karma by it’s direct translation, which
    means simply “action”. The slowly growing fires of panic, disfranchisement
    and frustration that’s swept the country and has resulted in greater numbers
    of growingly desperate people flocking to the mega-churches is raging full force
    now, it didn’t happen overnight and I’m afraid we simply don’t
    have the time for a grassroots fire fighting campaign.

    It’ll take something huge and probably disastrous to stop it, and I
    wonder if we can survive that as a society.

    One cannot legislate peace or enlightenment, and so to believe in a political
    solution here is grabbing straws. The Right has pushed itself nearly far enough
    to piss off the normally complacent Left, which is rising to its feet, taking
    off its glasses and pushing back its sleeves a bit. There’s going to be
    a fight, it’s already started.

    Granted, it’s a fight that’s gone on forever, but that’s
    just the point.

    Peace will only occur when people stop fighting.
    And that ain’t happening, folks!

    What an exciting time to be alive! We’re witnessing the end game. From
    global warming to peak oil production, from The Patriot Act and The Wolfowitz
    Doctrine to the abolishment of The Fairness Doctrine and The Federal Telecommunications
    act of 1996, from castrating the Clean Air Act to passing of the new Bankruptcy
    bill, from nukes in space to nukes in Korea and China, Israel and Pakistan,
    it’s all coming to a boil right before our lucky little eyes and ears.

    Just think: most people throughout history went their entire lives without
    witnessing real change!

    These weak little cries of reason and sensibility in the wilderness such as
    those made by National Council of Churches USA, get very little attention in
    today’s angry, noisy chaotic world, and when they do, they’re quickly
    shouted down-
    "SHUT UP!"

    But, they’re fun to read and somewhat reassuring; we’re not all
    just a bunch of assholes, and that’s good to know.

    Humanity had such great potential, and yet just look what it did with the

    We’re fuckin’ doomed, but don’t let that spoil your day.

    Humans have always been doomed, now back in the ring with you, I’m enjoying
    the fight.

    Good day!

  3. Sorry about the formatting of my above rant, the preview I got of it made it look like the text wasn’t wrapped, so I added unnecessary HTML that made it even more annoying to read.
    But probably, no one noticed…

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