The Seriousness Of Our News

At about 12:30pm Pacific I turned on the TV and clicked over to CNN for a minute. On the screen was a reporter interviewing Barbara Walters, because Walters was the only journalist who had interviewed Paris Hilton in jail.
That’s it. That’s news in America. This news wasn’t even news about Paris Hilton, it was news about the news interviewing Paris Hilton.
So I got on the internet and visited BBC News to see what news is like in England today. They are covering boring stuff, like the Hamas-Fatah war.
Al Jazeera is covering that, the Iraq mosque attacks, the assassination in Beirut, North Korea … boring.
Nothing about Paris Hilton so I guess I’ll go back to CNN.

1 thought on “The Seriousness Of Our News

  1. The big news in England today was the publication of the English Premier League 2007/2008 schedule. It’s what I’m most interested in today, worldwide.
    Take a look at Greenwald’s latest blast at the unconcealed, bizarre sexual displays by right-wing commentators. (Tweety has to count in this category despite his pedigree.) Remember how I told you that the strongest mode of attack against repugs is to challenge their white male voters’ sexuality? To ask them why they vote to fund illegal wars to enhance their sexual self-image while they allow their daughters’ education and their mothers’ retirements to be defunded. What kind of man does that? I still think that would work. But it would require great courage to try — so demos will never do it.

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