Tax Internet Sales — Just Like Local Stores

This post was originally written for Speak Out California
Have you ever bought something online, had a problem, and tried to reach the company’s customer support line? Could you even find a phone number to call? If there was a phone number to call did you reach a phone tree or a person? Were you on hold for a long time? If you ever did reach a human, was the person in the United States or did they at least speak English (or Spanish) clearly enough to be able to help you?
A local store employs people in your town, boosting the local economy. The local store either owns or pays rent for their space, which means they pay local taxes to support police and fire services and schools, etc. The local store has people who can help you when you have a problem.
But buying something from your local store usually costs a bit more. This is because they pay to have actual employees to help you, pay rent, pay to maintain a building, etc. And, finally, the goods cost a bit more because you have to pay sales taxes when you shop at your local store.
The state of California, in its wisdom, has chosen to provide a huge tax subsidy to anonymous internet businesses, at the expense of your local retailers. You pay sales taxes locally, but not online.
Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the state want to promote local stores, local employment, local police and fire services, local schools and a prosperous local economy? Shouldn’t the state be promoting a thriving local economic ecosystem? Instead the state provides a huge competitive advantage to anonymous internet businesses.
With a huge budget deficit, with the Governor calling for 10% across-the-board cuts in your children’s schools, police patrols, fire protection, parks, and all the other things our state government does for us, the state still hands the anonymous internet businesses a huge competitive advantage over our local retailers by letting them no charge sales taxes.
You owe it to yourself and your local community to find out if YOUR Assemblymember or Senator supports a requirement that internet companies charge the same sales taxes as your local businesses charge.
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One thought on “Tax Internet Sales — Just Like Local Stores

  1. i followed you from huffington post and speak out california because i want to get one thing straight. you are a corrosive, little son of a bitch who attempts to sway a few people at the expense of others. judging by the responses to your little jingle at hp, the reception was less than hospitable towards you.
    if i were to track your responses to the others there, i could say that you are an anti-free speech wonk who merely ridicules others for either a lack of eloquence or being overly so. either way, your smug, pussified stance is boring and betrays this idea of democracy you say you have.
    you’re probably the type who isn’t much of a fan of the common person; those pesky people who get in the way of your ideology and world vision. can’t we see that the world would be a far better place to live if all us little folk form a lock-step line to the left?
    your assumption that i’m a bush/reagen supporter or favoring trickle down theories was base and uncalled for. as was your claim that i’m anti-government. for almost 20 years my professional life has been spent in either education or mental health and i’ve seen far too much waste and far less value for the investment dollar. what have you done except sit on your lumpy ass and vomit words?
    lastly, and let’s see if this whole deal even makes it to print, you’re an asshole.

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