Has Obama “Cried Wolf” On Racism?

I have said that the charges by the Obama campaign and supporters that the “Clintons used racism” were bogus. Clinton’s campaign manager Maggie Williams and plenty of her campaign staff is African-American and this accusation is an insult to them. (Either they are African-Americans using racism or they are allowing themselves to be used as tokens. Which is it?)
My real complaint about this charge is that it is “crying wolf.” It uses up the accusation instead of holding it for use when circumstances really do merit. If Obama is the nominee he will be running against modern Republicans. You want your racism? They got your racism for ya.
Running against Republicans is when you will see racism, not some penny-ante nonsense about Bill Clinton being a racist. (Bill Clinton a racist?) Nope, this week we’re starting to see the Republicans weigh in. Yesterday it was “that boy“. And today the real racism starts – just starts – to show its head:
In Darkest Pennsylvania – HUMAN EVENTS,

It was said behind closed doors to the chablis-and-brie set of San Francisco, in response to a question as to why he was not doing better in that benighted and barbarous land they call Pennsylvania.
Like Dr. Schweitzer, home from Africa to address the Royal Society on the customs of the upper Zambezi, Barack described Pennsylvanians in their native habitats of Atloona, Alquippa, Johnstown and McKeesport.

But how does the Obama campaign now denounce the racism in this, after using the charge on the Clintons. “But you said that the Clintons are racist. Do you call everyone a racist?”
Update – I just discovered this from eriposte at Left Coaster yesterday:

That, folks, is an example of a real racist. Now, maybe some of you possibly understand my anger these past few months when the candidate I support, a longstanding Democrat who has done enormous good for minorities and civil rights was falsely tarred as a racist or race-baiter.
[. . .] These are the real scum that we are fighting. I know we are all fighting for the Democratic candidate we support in this primary, but let me be clear who the real political enemy is: The Republicans in Congress and in the White House who have trashed this country the last 7+ years, committed untold criminal acts, destroyed the very moral fabric of what makes this country great and made life much more difficult for the majority of the American public. When the Democratic primary is over, they are the ones we will fight together, because we must. This primary may be depressing – and some days it sure is – but it is nothing compared to the ugly s*** we will face in the general election from the Republicans and the ugly consequences for the country if we don’t unite behind the eventual nominee (whether it be Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama).