Tax Cuts – Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

When something is right there in front of your face, right-wingers say ignore it. Right Wing News writes,

after the Bush and Reagan tax cuts, the amount of revenue coming into the treasury didn’t go down, it went up

Actually, Reagan cut taxes then INCREASED TAXES MASSIVELY. I skipped breakfast yesterday but gained weight. (Because I ate a big lunch and a huge dinner.)
Never mind that both Reagan and Bush created massive, massive, massive deficits. Ignore that! Bush came into office with a huge government SURPLUS and now we have a massive, massive, massive DEFICIT! But the right-wingers say it just isn’t there in front of your eyes.
We now pay over $300 billion a year – to the rich – just for interest on the massive, massive, massive Reagan and Bush debt.

5 thoughts on “Tax Cuts – Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

  1. It’s amazing that Clinton was able to reverse the Reagan deficits so rapidly, build a surplus, and start paying down the national debt. And just look where we are now. The huge Reagan deficit was blamed on the “tax and spend” Democrats. Remember that? So are these the “tax and spend” Republicans, or the “don’t tax and spend like crazy” Republicans?

  2. Actually, Reagan cut taxes then INCREASED THEM MASSIVELY.
    Yes, you thought the word “deficits”, but you didn’t type it.

  3. For those who remember, Reagan “simplified” taxes, creating a floor of 7.5% of AGI before healthcare costs are deductible, making consumer interest no longer deductible, but maintaining the deductibility of home interest so consumer debt flowed from unsecure accounts to where the homeowner was mining his equity, and other little adjustments that hit the middle class in the pocketbook. Before Reagan, not only were more consumer related expenses tax deductible but there was a base amount of dividends which was not taxed until it exceeded $2,000.
    People vote against their own self interests. The middle class’ love affair with Ronald Reagan proves it.
    With $3 gas, any bets that the oil companies won’t get to keep the tax breaks to encourage development and research?

  4. Leaving out crucial information is a common propaganda tactic. For example,
    Popular Mechanics

    FACT: In the decade before 9/11, NORAD
    intercepted only one civilian plane over North
    America: golfer Payne Stewart’s Learjet, in
    October 1999. With passengers and crew
    unconscious from cabin decompression, the
    plane lost radio contact but remained in
    transponder contact until it crashed. Even so,
    it took an F-16 1 hour and 22 minutes to reach
    the stricken jet.

    They omitted the crucial information that military F-15s had been next to the
    Learjet almost from the time it lost contact in Florida. The F-15s handed it over in Missouri to F-16s from North Dakota.

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