Big Hookergate News – CIA Director Goss Resigns

Update – Through Atrios, comes this,

From a reader: “Dana Priest is on MSNBC right now saying we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s paper to find out why he resigned. The Post must have called him for comment on a story running tomorrow about his involvement with Brent Wilkes.”

I don’t know if you have been following the story about the corrupt defense contractor providing hookers for Republican members of Congress who were providing him with huge defense contracts. See Sex, Lies, and Government Contracts, Hookergate: Everybody Wants a Piece of the Action, Who Will Be the Woodward and Bernstein of New ‘Hookergate’ Story?, Watergate Subpoenaed in Hooker Probe and Hookergate being buried by press for more on that.
Well one of those Members of Congress later became CIA director. And just 2 weeks after the news about the hookers… CIA Director Porter Goss Resigns
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Left Coaster: Party On, Porter – Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass
Think Progress goes into the background of Goss’ connections with the Duke Cunningham scandal.

4 thoughts on “Big Hookergate News – CIA Director Goss Resigns

  1. Fascinating that once again it’s the Watergate that’s involved, isn’t it, she said with a broad grin. Listening to some of the news on CNN, it seems the 3rd in command at the CIA went to some of those poker games. Nothing’s come out yet about Goss being involved, but this was a very sudden resignation with nobody lined up to replace him and Friday’s the day for news nobody’s supposed to notice.
    Wouldn’t he have been responsible, though, for those secret CIA torture camps in Eastern Europe and other similar unsavory activities? And one thing that was mentioned on the news was that he brought in lots of political hacks to replace professionals, which is typical of what this administration is doing to all our important agencies. In that case good riddance and I hope it comes out that he’s up to his neck in sex scandals.

  2. ‘Family values’ at work again! And how come the MSM got so worked up about a mere blowjob in Clinton’s case but see fit not to deal with these latest hypocrisies? As long as Republicans do it ..

  3. I am waiting for Pat Roberts to slink out back in his blue dress, but Belga got me wondering if Republicans get credit for simply locating their own penis.
    Drip. drip.drip

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