Call Senators

I’m linking to a post at firedoglake, asking you to go there and get the numbers to call enators and encourage them to support the filibuster of Alito. Go visit Strip Search Sammy Fax Fest Continues to get some numbers to call. Sending FAXes is also good.
This “Get to work” post by Georgia10
has phone numbers, advice on what to say, and updates.
(I was on this call, but only now am starting to have a chance to be on the computer…)

Creating A Rovian Perception of Inevitability

A successful Karl Rove tactic has been to create a sense of inevitability. Check this out:
Alito ends testimony, appears headed to approval
Alito Appears Headed for Confirmation
Alito Turns Aside Democrats’ Criticism
Alito fends off attacks as wife exits in tears