Creating A Rovian Perception of Inevitability

A successful Karl Rove tactic has been to create a sense of inevitability. Check this out:
Alito ends testimony, appears headed to approval
Alito Appears Headed for Confirmation
Alito Turns Aside Democrats’ Criticism
Alito fends off attacks as wife exits in tears

8 thoughts on “Creating A Rovian Perception of Inevitability

  1. Wow, you mean Rove controls Yahoo, abc news, the AP, Reuters, and the liberal Suntimes?
    Dave, we talked about getting back on your meds the other day, didn’t we?

  2. I’m with Pericles on this one, Dave. (Shudder.) There is literally zero probability that the feeble dems can stop this appointment. To report that Alito “appears headed” for confirmation is a conservative (in the antique, good sense) understatement. It’s sound reporting of the news.

  3. There was a headline on Fox this afternoon about the nasty Dems driving poor dear little Mrs. Alito to tears.
    Oh, barf! If the woman’s that weak and depressed, she belongs in a hospital. What was the issue the hideous Dems were homing in on? Whether the fact that Alito, who claims he can’t even remember it, belonged to that bigoted group of white elitist Princeton alumni who were trying to keep lesser whites, blacks, and women, in that order, out of the University. Of course he belonged to it, of course he meant it, and of course he’s a pig.
    I lived and worked in Princeton. I was greeted by the university as a genius who deserved more education. I’m not kidding. Genius is the word they used. But what they wanted to do with me was to graciously let me take classes in the University, which they felt would be a divine gift — and then get whatever degree I earned there from the New Jersey College for Women. I said thanks, but no thanks. I still don’t regret it. I later got my degrees from the U. of Michigan and Columbia University, also an Ivy League school just like Princeton, both first-rate. I know other women who were offered the same disgusting deal by Princeton. We figured we could do better than that, and ultimately we all did. If we weren’t “good enough” to get a Princeton degree, even a bunch of geniuses like us, by what stretch of their elitist imaginations did they think we should grace their classrooms with our “genius” level brains? Is a female “genius” really second-rate compared to a male “genius?” Not to mention second rate to the ordinary rich kids getting gentlemen’s C’s who made up most of the student body?
    This is the kind of thing to which the elitist group to which Alito belonged was dedicated. Makes me feel like slapping his wife for her tears. She couldn’t have been crying because she’s been put down by this pig for years, could she? it’s not like she doesn’t know the truth about him.

  4. Excellent analysis, Dave! All those ‘economic rationalists’ have also succeeded in creating a perception of inevitability. Doesn’t encourage citizens’ participation exactly.

  5. And MJ, I have already commented on another blog along the lines that I think Ms Bomgardner’s (aka Mr Alito’s wife) behaviour is emotional blackmail.

  6. Dave – You make some good points, but you may be intrigue by our take on answering some of the same questions as you.
    Stop by our blog and read what Kristol and Bush discussed and what Bush talked about with Hitchens.
    Later this week, we’ll post what Rove said.

  7. Once Alito is appointed, we will have a Supreme Court that will subvert the Constitution. It won’t matter much if the Dems take back Congress in 2006 if everything they pass is declared unconstitutional, will it? Is there any way to get rid of a runaway Supreme Court?

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