Stocks Are Cheap Now – Snap It Up

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Brokers Believe Worst Is Over and Recommend Buying of Real Bargains
Wall Street in looking over the wreckage of the week, has come generally to the opinion that high grade investment issues can be bought now, without fear of a drastic decline. There is some difference of opinion as to whether not the correction must go further, but everyone realizes that the worst is over, and that there are bargains for those who are willing to buy conservatively and live through the immediate irregularity.
— New York Herald Tribune, October 27, 1929

Oh, and here in the SF Bay Area I’m told that it is time to “snap up” real estate. It’s at a “bottom” now, and you can actually buy a 3br, 2ba “fixer upper” for “only” about $650,000.
Snap it up.