Blame For The Crash

I’ve been thinking about something and haven’t had time to write about it. The first stimulus package did nothing to help the economy, but it did put off the crash from happening for about 3 months. I mean, the worst of the crash is really just starting, just after the election.
What I am getting at is the stimulus package, sending us all $600 checks, was one more time the Dems in the Congress fell for something that was designed only to help the Republicans in the election. It didn’t help and Obama won, but that was their plan.
And now the economy is starting to really crash. The bailout which obviously wasn’t going to work didn’t work — and it used up all the money. I am starting to hear talk of the U.S. credit rating being lowered, with some expectation of default in the future.
Things are going to get really, really bad next year. So we need to make sure the public understands blame.
Here’s how. The Congress needs to push through something popular, clearly designed to help the economy, that the Republicans filibuster, or Bush vetoes, before the end of the year. How about a whopping increase in the minimum wage? The bailout of the auto companies might be the issue. Maybe the new stimulus package, clearly aimed at creating jobs — good UNION jobs. They would fight that.
The point is, make it clear who is for and who is against the people. This is how the Republicans have been doing it for some time.
AND, after Obama gets into office, we can even pass it.

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