Signals Sent

Newspaper Clients, and Syndicate, Stick With Coulter,

Ann Coulter hasn’t lost any of her 100-plus newspaper clients, or the support of her syndicate, Universal Press Syndicate, despite her nasty remarks in her new book about 9/11 widows and her comment in an online interview implying that, perhaps, U.S. Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) should be “fragged.”
A Universal spokesman said there were no discussions going on there about dropping the columnist.
[. . .] Editors, she pointed out, have chosen not to run certain “Doonesbury” or “Boondocks” cartoons, which come from the liberal side of the spectrum. Asked if any paper had ever decided not to run a conservative column or cartoon, she said, “If it’s happened, we don’t know about it.”
[. . .] The Universal columnist has also “joked” about killing other people, including Arabs, Muslims, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, and suggested that blowing up The New York Times building might be a good idea, especially if the reporters and editors were still inside.

Even though parts of her recent book were plagiarized. And she continues to appear on network television. The very media people she talks about killing put her in front of a national audeince!
A while back, in the post Juan Cole denied position at Yale for criticizing Bush, Ashleigh Banfield fired from MSNBC for criticizing one-sided media coverage, I wrote,

Suppose you want a career in media, want to rise up, want to buy (or keep) a house and car, have health insurance etc., how does your brain digest this news?

Not just media, but people understand that MANY careers at this point depend on not letting on that you oppose the Republican machine. The signals are sent.
Watch your backs.
Update – I neglected to point out that NBC, the network that fired Ashleigh Banfield for criticizing media one-sidedness, refuses to say they will keep Coulter off the air, even after she called for killing a US Congressman, and members of the media.

4 thoughts on “Signals Sent

  1. Why keep the bitch off the air? Since she gets time and you don’t, the demand should be that you get equal time. And of course it must be part of the demand that the counter-Coulter must be genuinely so, not some repug-lite shill or WATB. You’ll never get it, of course, because the coporate media do not give her unrebutted time due to laziness or some error, but because they are doing precisely what their jobs have become — 24/7 corporate PR. But even so, if you bother to engage the corporate media at all (which I would not bother doing), you should make the right demand.

  2. Ann’s remarks were not about “9/11 widows”. They were about the four 9/11 widows called the Jersy Girls. Opening an offensive against the use of victims to spread your propaganda. Others have tried to make the same point, but were lost in the clatter of the 24 hr news cycle. Ann got through.
    Ann did not imply that Murtha should be fragged. She said Murtha was the reason the marines invented fragging. (A damn funny line by the way.)
    Dave, if your positions are so valid, why must you obfuscate the facts. I would think if you had the courage of your convictions, your post would contain actual quotes, you know, with these things “”. Lets hear your rebuttal to actual quotes from now on. You get no debating points for defeating the Bogey-man. Like your fictitous statements, he does not exist.

  3. Re: The Comments
    Richard’s may be closer on the mark that HappyOD …
    Coulter’s latest is little more than the tired old RNC Playbook with some new make-up and skirt … Let’s create a false argument (e.g. Not being able to criticize the left, such as the 911 widows, Joe Wilson and Cindy Sheehan – all cited by Coulter), get it out there, say it loud, say it often so it “obfuscates” the issue
    What HappyOD and Coulter don’t talk about is how the RNC, and the Right have thoroughly, cruelly, and speciously criticized, slandered and smeared the 911 Widows, Joe Wilson and Cindy Sheehan …
    Oh yeah … Didn’t something else happen to that Wilson guy? Something to do with his wife?

  4. Yeah, something else did happen to Joe Wilson’s wife. Her name was reported publically. This was about 2 months before her Vanity Fair spread. Oh yeah, she also became a multi-millionaire. The Wilsons have benefitted tremendously from this. A book, a movie starring Sean Penn, articles, speaking fees, and of course the magazine covers.
    Once again, the bureaucrats are laughing all the way to the bank, while you guys provide cover. I do not for the life of me understand why you want to fight with conservatives while the politicians and bureaucrats from both sides are becoming more blatant in their greed and corruption. Guys, we’re the people. We should be on the same side. They are simply using the time tested tactic of conquer and divide.
    I say we get together and cut out about 6 cabinet level departments, and reduce the size of the IRS, CIA, State Dept and NSA by about 75%, and let’s see if things get better. I don’t hold out any hope that the bureaucrats that are left will become any more honest, but at least there’ll be fewer of them.

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