Republicans Will Block Any Jobs Initiative

Mr. President, you have to go around the Republicans and create jobs for the people.
I wrote a post yesterday that started with this:
“Here is a fact about bipartisanship and civility in Washington: the Republicans in Congress will obstruct anything President Obama proposes to create jobs and help the economy, period. A bad economy helps them in the coming elections, and that is that. Deal with it. If you want to see results on jobs and economic growth you are going to have to get around a Republican House of Representatives intent on blocking jobs and growth. The President can and should “go big” and make dramatic proposals to Congress for job-creation. Doing so will draw contrasts so the public has a clear choice in the coming elections. Fortunately there are things the President can do right now, without the approval of Congress, that will have a big impact on job-creation now and in the future.”
That was yesterday, before today’s terrible jobs report. The public wants jobs. The public wants a President who pushes for results.
On Tuesday I wrote,
Mr.President, if you can’t get results any other way people want you to move the obstructers out of the way. Republicans in the Congress are blocking every effort to boost the economy and create new jobs – especially good-paying jobs. Many think they are doing this to sabotage Democratic chances in the coming elections.”
Mr. President, face it, this jobs report is what they wanted. The Republicans are not going to play nice. It’s time to fight for US.