Did Limbaugh “Put Obama In His Place?”

Rush Limbaugh demands that Speaker Boehner “put Obama in his place,” Boehner complies, Obama caves.
Did the WH not know what Limbaugh had said? If they did, caving to it is inexcusable. If not, I have to say, that’s inexcusable, too.
Jill at Brilliant At Breakfast has the story: Well, I guess Boehner “put him in his place”,

Yesterday Randi Rhodes played the clip of Limbaugh screeching about how John Boehner has to “put the guy in his place” about the timing of his speech on jobs. When you talk about putting someone in his place, and the person you’re talking about is black, it is a racial remark, no matter how red faced and sputtering Limbaugh may be in denial of that fact. But if you still don’t believe it, look at the graphic. Look at the photograph, which deliberately depicts the black President of the United States supplicating himself before a white (well, ok, orange) man.
So what does this president do when faced with a lying, hatemongering right-wing radio host demanding that the Speaker “put him in his place”?

I think the President could have gone out to the public and said, “Rush Limbaugh demanded that Speaker Boehner refuse to allow me to speak, and that is what Boehner did. This has never happened before. The Congress has never before turned down a President requesting to speak.” And now I think the President has to fire some political people who let this happen.
Instead the President looks weak once again, keeps the political people who let that happen — who either were not aware of the Limbaugh connection or let the President be put in the position of being “put in his place” — and has to speak at the same time as the first game of the NFL season. Well, I guess Boehner “put him in his place.”
UpdateAccording to Politico, the WH did know: “At 11:55 a.m. Wednesday, the White House tweeted the news about the joint session. “And then Rush Limbaugh beat Boehner up,” the source said.”
(PS – Boehner claims that it had to be put off because the House was not in session. But remember, they kept the House IN session so that President Obama could not do any recess appointments.)