No October Surprise!

Color me surprised. Maybe the military staged a sit-down strike and refused to bomb Iran. Whatever the reason, I’m delighted to be wrong. My prediction now is that the Democrats will take the House but not the Senate — that’s not really a prediction, it’s just the minimum I could stand to live with.
If the Republicans keep both Houses, Bush will run wild and it will be the end of America as we know it. But if the Democrats take the House, they should be able to stall (and effectively put an end to) Bush-Rove confrontational extremism. Bush and Rove have been tremendously successful, and if Democrats end up winning it all in 2008, they will inherit a transformed and wrecked nation.
The Democrats have to hit the ground running, use their subpoena power aggressively (it’s all they’ll really gain this year), and start systematically degrading the Republican graft machine. They should also give a few hundred DLC loser consultants an hour each to clean out their desks while security looks on, but prosecuting the DLC people would be an extreme step and I absolutely oppose that idea.
Congress should also pass a lot of popular bills, forcing Republicans to vote against them and forcing Bush to veto them. I only say this because many timid, reasonable Democrats are sure to ask “What’s the point of passing bills that you know will be vetoed?” (Study Gingrich, one of the great transformational wreckers of our time. He staged a series of losing votes and ended up controlling the national political agenda, and Congress too.)
Hopefully the game can be played so that it’s the vulnerable Republicans in Congress who feel the pressure and cave in. If the ones crossing party lines are the Democrats, winning this election will have been meaningless.

5 thoughts on “No October Surprise!

  1. If the ones crossing party lines are the Democrats, winning this election will have been meaningless.
    You think there’s a chance in hell that it WON’T BE? Are you nuts?

  2. I think the October surprise was the robocalling and the level of ratfucking. This is more than ever before and the harassing calls were new “technology”

  3. That’s the fucking weeniest October Surprise ever. I was expecting bombing raids on Teheran.

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