Calls: It Gets The Job Done

This one at DailyKos, you just have to appreciate these guys. It’s simple, it’s basic and it gets the job done:

Tim Daly from Clarendon got a call saying that if he votes Tuesday, he will be arrested. A recording of his voicemail can be found online at:
The transcript from his voicemail reads:
“This message is for Timothy Daly. This is the Virginia Elections Commission. We’ve determined you are registered in New York to vote. Therefore, you will not be allowed to cast your vote on Tuesday. If you do show up, you will be charged criminally.”
Daly has been registered to vote in Virginia since 1998, and he has voted for the last several cycles with no problem. He has filed a criminal complaint with the Commonwealth’s attorney in Arlington.

1 thought on “Calls: It Gets The Job Done

  1. Wow! I’ve run into some weird things over the years at the polls when I’ve gone to vote, like being told my address doesn’t exist so I’m illegally registered. By pure chance I had a phone bill in my purse so I could combat that one on the spot. Another trick pulled on us was to move our voting place to a school many blocks away and make us climb a literally slimy long staircase to vote — slimy from generations of kids getting out of the swimming pool. This didn’t stop anyone from voting so after a few voting cycles they moved us back to our neighborhood. And of course in more than one state I’ve run into those incredibly long lines. But calling people in advance and telling them they’ll be arrested if they show up is the worst I’ve ever heard of. NOTHING could guarantee that I’d show up better than telling me that, but it sure would keep most people away.

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