Newspaper Irresponsibility — Reprinting Propaganda Lies

From Sept. 23 Readers’ letters – San Jose Mercury News

ACORN corruption is no trivial matter

In his interview with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, ex-ACORN attorney President Barack Obama denied any knowledge of that organization having received over $55 billion in federal funding. He stated he had not paid attention to such trivial matters as he had bigger issues to deal with. That the liberal media swallow such indigestible fodder is reinforced by the Nick Anderson cartoon (Opinion, Sept. 21). Like our president, this gullible cartoonist views the ACORN corruption as an nonevent stirred up by contentious conservatives.

$55 billion?

In the last 15 years ACORN has received a total of $53 million – with an ‘M’ – in funding from the government. That comes to $3.5 million a year. That amount is more than 1000 times less than SJ News readers would now believe. Almost all of this is to “ACORN Housing” for providing assistance with low-income housing programs — things like helping poor people fight off foreclosures.