1 thought on “Making it Count: How to Protect Your Vote & Spot Dirty Tricks

  1. I am working as a precinct elections official, and speaking in an unofficial capacity here, I do not believe this sort of video is doing anything good for voters. These tactics are not anything the voter can do anything about now. This video will merely spread fear and can make people afraid to vote. Their intentions are good but the method is wrong.
    If you want to make sure your vote counts, do these things:
    1. Get a sample ballot and read it carefully BEFORE going to the polls. Most sample ballots are available online, or printed in the newspaper.
    2. Read the instructions on how to fill out your ballot. Follow the instructions carefully. If you make an error, speak to a precinct official immediately and ask how to proceed.
    3. Make sure you are registered to vote. Some states (like mine) allow Election Day registration with proper ID and proof of residence (like a photo ID bearing your current address, or if that doesn’t have your current address, another document like a power bill with your address for example). Carry that to the polls.
    4. If you have any questions about procedures that would affect your vote, ask to talk to the precinct official.
    5. Do not talk to pollwatchers without a precinct official present. Do not volunteer information beyond what is asked for. You do not need to answer questions by pollwatchers, they are prohibited from speaking directly to voters.
    6. Report electioneering activities or voter intimidation to the precinct officials.

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