Election Protection Wiki at EPWIKI.ORG

You haven’t been hearing from me as much because I’m still working on the Election Protection Wiki, and I recommend that you drop by and take a look. There is a LOT of information there, and great resources for people on election day. And feel free to add information.
The EP Wiki serves as an internet hub that helps media, activists, advocates and the public get the information they need in a hurry on election day. It helps get people to national and state organizations they need to find, contact information for state government officials and state-based election organizations, or just to have the information in the wiki itself. And it helps the media find those contacts as well as learn about warnings and forecasts of problems as they occur.
After the election will serve to document problems for the media and policy makers.
Stop by at http://epwiki.org, look around, help out, tell others.