Justice Dept Politicization – The STF Rule

The Seeing the Forest Rule (click and scroll down for examples): when Republicans accuse it is a cover story for something THEY are doing.

Take a look at this nonsense: The Columbus Dispatch : Boehner attacks Justice Department over ballots; House GOP leader says cabinet department employs Obama supporters,

The highest-ranking Republican in the House is accusing the Republican-led U.S. Justice Department of playing politics when it comes to investigating voting-fraud allegations and monitoring balloting in Ohio.

. . . Boehner said today that the agency has been infiltrated by supporters of Democrat Barack Obama.

So here we are in the which year of a special prosecutor investigating the politicization of the Justice Department by the Republicans, where they were using the department as an arm of the Republican Party. And Boehner is accusing the department of being “infiltrated” by Obama supporters. Wow.

OK, this is the HOUSE MINORITY LEADER, one of the top positions in our government.

The country is facing serious problems that we have to solve. In fact we are facing this BECAUSE of people like this. We need to replace these people with competent people who are ready to approach the problems we face.