The STF Rule

The STF Rule: When Republicans accuse, it usually means they’re doing what they are accusing others of.

Question — does it embolden the terrorists to intentionally split the country right down the middle? Does it weaken the country in a time of war to accuse half of the country of being traitors and helping the enemy? Doesn’t THAT “embolden the terrorists?”

1 thought on “The STF Rule

  1. It’s really just as stupid when you say it, Dave. Our political freedom to openly disagree with the policies of the government are not negotiable. Even if it makes any sense at all to say that people who want to kill us will want to kill us more because we disagree with each other, it doesn’t matter. Warmongers always tell us that war is the inevitable (and even noble) price we have to pay for our freedoms. Then why is it especially bad that we pay a price for our most central freedom?

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