Joe Wilson Endorses Hillary Clinton

On a blogger call this morning (California time) Ambassador Joe Wilson endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for President. Joe says Hillary is the best candidate to handle cleaning up the mess that Bush has made, here and internationally.
On Iraq Joe said, (as close as I can remember) that both he and Hillary agree “that troops need to be removed from harm’s way, and that a political process had to be started, a process that would end the war and preserve some shred of our strategic position in the region [Middle East].” and that we need to put together a dilomatic process like we did after the first Gulf War.
He said we need to support the troops by engaging in diplomacy – that withdrawal risks plunging the region into instability.
He also said that Hillary has the best experience in fighting the right. He said she has been through the meatgrinder – one that Joe knows well now – and understands it.
(I had a great Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio interview with Joe Wilson a couple of weeks ago.)
From the call, Taylor Marsh has more, with better quotes. Jeralyn Merrit at TalkLeft. Steve Clemons wonders how the blogosphere will react.

4 thoughts on “Joe Wilson Endorses Hillary Clinton

  1. Hillary is a center rightist. If you want an end to the American imperial folly, she’s not your candidate. If you want actual universal health care — and not a slick trick to keep the corporations completely involved — she’s not your candidate. If you want the obscene power of corporations reduced, she’s not your candidate. If you want a fair taxation policy, she’s not your candidate.
    Actually, if you want any of those things, no democrat is your candidate.

  2. I’m still not convinced that Clinton will follow a significantly different foreign policy than Bush. Sure, she will probably be better at it than President Bush, but she’ll still hold on to the same basic assumptions that resulted in the Iraq disaster.

  3. If Eisenhower were alive, he’d support Hillary, too. She is, after all, a moderate Republican.
    I prefer Democrats. And leaders, not poll-readers.
    If, after all this time of DLC politics, all we get is the lady who won’t even apologize for her Iraq vote (versus Thompson), I’ll seek to draft Gore, Hope for Bloomberg as an Indie, see if Nader’s available or just leave in pursuit of a civilized society.

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