Is The Photo Real?

I’m trying to track down whether this photo is real or created using Photoshop, and if real the circumstances of its origins. The photo has been widely circulated on the right since March, 2003, attributed to San Francisco “anti-war” marchers. Early circulation and promotion of this photo appears to have come from outlets related to propagandist David Horowitz, which by itself raises suspicions.

1 thought on “Is The Photo Real?

  1. I enlarged the photo a bit and noticed a couple of oddities. First, the man on the right is wearing a ski mask. Why would he be doing that if he was standing amongst friends? The fellow at the other end is not wearing a mask.
    So why the mask? Perhaps for the same reason everyone appears to be dressed for the cold! If this is San Fransisco, does it get that cold there in March? Or even January?

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